Drupal Theming Made Easy

UPDATE: I want to thank everybody who came, and apologize for the technical trouble I had! I ended up getting the themes and dreamweaver edits to work, of course *after the fact.*

I've uploaded the slides here, in case you're curious:

You can check out the instructions to import your drupal site into dreamweaver here:

And if your interested in artisteer or template toaster:

Both have pretty active user bases and lively forums if you need help.

I figured out what the error was ... and fixed it by removing an errant ' on line 43 of the template.php file -- in case you ever run into that problem. Then it worked great!

Again, sorry for the troubles -- hope to see you guys next year!


For those who may be less-than-comfortable building their own themes using PHP and Photoshop, there are some free and paid tools available that can create some pretty amazing looking themes.

The goals for this session are:

A better understanding of some of the WYSIWYG tools out there to create good-looking Drupal themes quickly and easily.

Step-through one of the more popular tools, to show you how to go from concept to installed theme in Drupal.

A look at how you can edit themes in Dreamweaver CS5.

This program is for beginners interested in getting running quickly with some simple theming tools.

3:10-4:00 PM
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Design and UX