Improving the Content Editing Experience in Drupal with Spark

This session will talk about the new Spark distribution coming from Acquia, the functionality it brings to Drupal, and how it integrates with other important Drupal initiatives.

The first part of the session will cover the overall vision of Spark as a distribution to streamline the content authoring experience in Drupal so that it meets or exceeds the experience provided by the other open source and proprietary CMSs. This will include a demonstration of inline editing using the edit module which is in the alpha release of spark. Here we will show how any field in a node can be edited right on the page.

The second part of the session will be a demonstration of the layout module prototype, the layout designer tool that the spark team has designed to work with panelizer to create responsive grid-based layouts in a drag-drop interface.

The third part of the session will be a slideshow of our designs for ember, a new admin theme that will ship with spark, and, forge, a new theme for the admin module that works with ember.

The last part of the session will be a discussion of how all of these things fit in to other initiatives in the community.

11:40-12:30 PM
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