Here is a git version of the site I used at the session.
The database file is right in the root of the folder just untar and import, that add your settings.php for your machine.
The modules/custom folder has the
I spoke about yesterday to make custom ones in code.
The username is siteadmin the password is password10 <--ten


Session Outline
We will "build" 4 Pages of a "Whats Up" News and Events site using Panels.
1. whatsup Home Page showing all News and Events
2. whatsup/news and whatsup/events showing either node type.
3. Node Template when looking at a node of either type News or Event

In the process we will cover
1. Panels Pages
2. Variants
3. Styles using a custom module
4. Layouts
5. Views Content Panes
6. Views Content Pane Arguments
7. Panel Selection Rules

And some time for QA


Building a site with Panels.
1. Node and Taxonomy Layouts
2. Custom Styles and Panes
3. Variants
4. Using Panels to help build out the Site Map
5. Views in Panels

This session will cover some of the ins and outs of building more with Panels than tpl files and hook alters for sites with numerous layouts, content types and landing/intro pages.

Couple of good examples [all panels] [responsive and panels] [Coming Soon to the public]

4:10-5:00 PM
Room number: 

Session Info

Site Building