Who Wears What Hat? The Roles People Play in Building a Drupal Site

So exactly what is a Drupal Developer? That often depends on who is looking for one and what they need. Is the need for custom module development or making sure the site works in every browser and device? How much PHP versus CSS does one need to know (if any)? Well, that depends on the role.

We'll start with a brief overview of a typical design process and look at the workflow and tasks that can be performed such as gathering business requirements, developing personas, creating wireframes and mockups, usability testing, and site development.

As the session progresses, we'll examine the tasks and the roles that people play in the design and development of a Drupal website. Traditional roles such as information architect, project manager and designer will be covered along with Drupal specific roles. The role of Content Strategist will also be covered.

We'll cover in more detail the Drupal roles of a coder, themer, sitebuilder and the hybrid developer.

The purpose of the session is to define the term, "Drupal Developer," and put that term into perspective as to how it relates to website design and development.

3:10-4:00 PM
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Business and Strategy