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Symfony2 and Drupal

I'd like to see how Drupal 8 is using Symfony2 and what we can do today to get up to speed on Symfony2 as it applies to Drupal.

Transitioning from WordPress to Drupal (Designers)

For those of us quite familiar with WordPress, but also aware of its limitations, looking to work more with Drupal. Learning similarities and differences between the two working environments with compare and contrast would be most helpful. Some features are similar but have different names. Some features are different all together. Knowing where to start and what common ground there is between WP and Drupal and what big differences there are would be wonderful to hear from someone who has experience with both.


Entities are apparently critical to understanding D7.
I would love to see some hands-on examples of creative use of entity types and bundles to solve particular problems.
A presentation from a senior developer on this subject would be most helpful.