jQuery Demystified

JavaScript is something that can certainly add a lot of power, action, and interactivity to your theme. Drupal provides the jQuery JavaScript library in core (and even jQuery UI in core in Drupal 7) to help site builders and themers harness this power to build dynamic client-side applications or even just nifty effects.

This presentation hopes to serve as an introduction to using jQuery in Drupal at the theme level. We will write some code to demonstrate some real-world examples.

Learning Outcomes
When you leave this presentation, you should know:

  • what JavaScript is
  • what jQuery is
  • how to get Drupal to start using some of your jQuery in the theme
  • some basic/commonly used jQuery functions

If you know enough PHP to write themes and understand the basic concepts of "functions" in a programming language, but don't really know a lot about jQuery or how to use it specifically, this session is for you.

POST-EVENT: The slides are available.

10:40-11:30 AM
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Code and Development


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There is a link to the slides above. (quick link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/pub?id=1fdcCK9whqjkKE9mAddfQcIF2JX8...)